Healthy Homes Odor Cleaner UN-Odor is a blend of biologicals and essential oils that efficiently break down and consume surface and airborne odor-producing molecules – the malodor molecules – and particles produced by molds, bacteria, cigarette smoke, fire smoke, food preparation, pollen, pets and urines.

Healthy Homes does not require deconstruction/reconstruction of any building materials to clean black molds, odors, or insect infestations. Building materials that are structurally compromised DUE to the infestation will require removal, i.e. woods warped due to pet or human urines.

The preferred application technique for UN-Odor is with a Fog. Fogging is considered the modern, scientific way to attach to and break down mold spores, bacteria, smoke, odors, any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) suspended in air. Surface chemical wipes, or natural surface treatments cannot eliminate airborne mold spores. UN-Odor can also be applied with a spray mist.

IIRC Odor Control Certificate