Ryan | Albany NY


Review Date: March 30, 2016
XXX North Pearl St
Albany , NY 12207

Approximate Cost:  $500.00

Description Of Work: Removed mold in the upstairs bathroom.

Comments:  My tenant contacted me with concerns about mold on the ceiling and windows of their bathroom. This stemmed from a leak in the roof a few months earlier. I contacted Mike and he scheduled to take a look within that same week. He examined the bathroom, the other rooms in the house and the attic. He said that his product would eliminate the mold without having to rip up all the sheet rock, etc. We scheduled a time for him to come back to spray the product and he arrived as promised. It only took him a short time to spray the house and I was surprised how much the mold disappeared that same day. We scheduled a second visit just to make sure the product hit all the mold spores and it seemed to kill the entire mold without having to replace the ceilings and walls. Also, he has a guarantee that if I see mold re-surfaced at all they will come and re-mediate. Overall I think this was a good, cost effective way to eliminate the problem and the tenants have not had any issues since.

Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A