Lynn | Lancaster NY


Review Date: February 28, 2016

XXXX Ransom Road
Lancaster, NY 14086

Work Completed Date: 

December 31, 2015

Approximate Cost: 


Description Of Work: 

Cleaned mold from the roof of the attic crawl space


After a home inspection I was told that I needed to remediate “black mold” from the roof of my attic.
The black stain covered most of the plywood and some rafters. I was told it was probably due to poor ventilation. I had less than two months to remediate before closing. This was a first for me so knowing where to begin and who to call was the most difficult decision to make. Not many people talk about mold in their home so finding a contractor was going to be a challenge. I went right to internet and started looking and I came across Enzyme Life Sciences. I read the many reviews and saw pictures from one customer who had the same issue I had. There were before and after pictures of the job performed. I thought if my roof sheathing could look like that I would be happy. So I called and talked to Mike Partlow who understood my problem and he talked me through three part process of cleaning the mold and removing the stain.

Mike is out in Albany but has trained professional throughout NYS and the US using Enzyme Life Sciences solutions; so being in Buffalo NY was not an issue. I talked with a few other contractors and somewere either booked for the next few months or were on vacation – (during December). Ultimately, I decided to go with Enzymes Life Sciences and I’m so glad I did. Within a week, Mike sent out a gentleman named Scott who cleansed the mold from the attic. The attic looked clean as promised. Enzyme Life Sciences also gives a 5 year warranty that is transferrable to the new owners which was very advantageous when adding it to the amended home contract with the buyers. Mike also stuck with me after the job checking in with me to make sure the sale was going through with the cleansing completed. That’s one other thing to look for when shopping for a contractor; Mike is there for you and stands behind his work.  Finally, the house closed on schedule within a few days of the final inspection.  I can’t say enough about Enzyme Life Sciences, if you need to get rid of any mold in your home Mike is your guy.


OVERALL                 A

Price                            A

Quality                         A

Responsiveness           A

Punctuality                  A

Professionalism           A